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LGTBIQ+ Observatory in the workplace


Our LGTBIQ+ observatory in the workplace has several main objectives that focus on promoting equality and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people in the work environment. Our objectives:

  • Monitor discrimination: we collect data and statistics on discrimination and the specific problems faced by LGTBIQ+ people in the workplace. 

  • Awareness and education: We develop awareness and training programs aimed at companies, employees and unions to raise awareness about sexual and gender diversity, and promote an inclusive and respectful work environment.

  • Advice and support: We provide advice and support to LGTBIQ+ people who face discrimination or difficulties in the workplace. This may include legal guidance, advice on how to deal with discrimination, and assistance in filing complaints.

  • Development of inclusive policies: We collaborate with companies, organizations and unions to develop inclusive labor policies and practices. 

  • Research and dissemination of information: We carry out research and studies on topics related to the labor inclusion of LGTBIQ+ people. 

  • Training and Information: We carry out training programs, seminars and conferences to disseminate information and good practices to promote change and progress in the workplace.

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