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Placement and relocation agency

Our placement agency is responsible for connecting job seekers with available job opportunities. Our main functions and objectives are the following:


  1. Job search: The Esplai agency helps applicants find employment suitable to their skills, experience and preferences. 

  2. Candidate selection and evaluation: Our agency carries out candidate selection and evaluation processes to ensure that they meet the requirements established by employers. 

  3. Publication of job offers: Placement agencies are responsible for collecting and disseminating job offers from the companies and employers with which they work. 

  4. Career advice and guidance: In addition to the job search, our placement agency provides advice and guidance to applicants on aspects related to their professional career. 

  5. Linking with companies: Our agency establishes relationships with companies and employers to understand their hiring needs and promote the hiring of their candidates. 

  6. Post-placement follow-up and support: Once a candidate is hired, our agency can provide follow-up and support to ensure successful adjustment and performance in employment. 

Our agency is approved by the Generalitat Valenciana with the registration number:


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