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Our Code of Ethics

Esplai Social considers that the trust of its employees, suppliers and external collaborators, volunteers, partners, as well as the social environment in which it carries out its activity, is based on integrity and responsibility in the professional performance of each of its employees.


Integrity is understood as acting ethically, honestly and in good faith. The responsability

Professional is understood as proactive, efficient action focused on excellence, quality and willingness to serve.


Esplai Social expects upright and responsible behavior from all its staff and volunteers in the performance of their duties. Likewise, we also expect our suppliers and external collaborators to maintain behavior in accordance with these principles. 


Our values and behavioral guidelines that must guide the actions of all people linked to Esplai Social. 


  • Regarding current legislation, human rights and ethics

  • Safety, health at work and prevention of occupational risks

  • Equal opportunities in the workplace and the development of professionalism

  • The quality of processes and products

  • Value creation and profitability

  • Respect for people, cooperation and decent work

  • Protection and defense of the environment

  • Efficient use and protection of company assets

  • Energy efficiency and responsible energy management

  • Good governance and ethically correct behavior

  • The development of society

  • Loyalty in relationships, respect for the interests of the interlocutor layer and prevention of potential conflicts of interest

  • The reserved nature of the information and the protection and adequate processing of personal data

  • Correctness in relations with the outside (public administration, political and union organizations, clients, suppliers and media)

  • Fair competition

  • Faithful image of accounting documents

  • Prevention of irregular payments and money laundering

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