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training AREA

In the field of training, our association is committed to designing and offering educational programs that address various needs, promoting equality, diversity and LGTBI rights. These programs would include training in awareness and diversity, development of social skills, training in labor and business inclusion, education in sexual and gender diversity, development of technical skills, mentoring and support, as well as continuous updating courses. By focusing on these aspects, we aspire to empower individuals and communities, facilitating their integration into work, educational and social environments, and thus contributing to the construction of a more inclusive and equitable society.

insertion area

In the field of insertion, our association is dedicated to eliminating barriers that may hinder full participation in the labor and social market. Through specific programs, we seek to provide equitable opportunities for individuals belonging to marginalized groups, offering them the support necessary to achieve professional success. Our initiatives include job search counseling, job-specific skills training, and placement programs that connect employers committed to diversity. By focusing on job placement, we aim to promote equal opportunity and create an inclusive environment where each individual can contribute and thrive.

education AREA

In the field of education, our association strives to create inclusive educational environments that celebrate diversity and promote equal opportunity. We develop educational initiatives that address awareness and respect for sexual, gender and ethnic diversity. Our programs seek to foster mutual understanding, combat stereotypes and prejudices, and create spaces where all students feel accepted. Additionally, we work in collaboration with educational institutions to implement inclusive policies and provide support to teachers in promoting diversity in the classroom. Through these actions, we seek to contribute to the formation of a more just and compassionate society, where education is a catalyst for positive change.

Entrepreneurship AREA

In the field of entrepreneurship, our association focuses on empowerment through programs that promote the creation of inclusive and sustainable businesses. We offer specialized training in business skills, access to financial resources and personalized advice to boost the entrepreneurial spirit. Our initiative also addresses the promotion of companies that prioritize diversity and equality. By supporting entrepreneurship, we aspire to strengthen the economic autonomy of marginalized communities, generating a positive impact on the business fabric and contributing to sustainable development.

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