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Our Equality Policy

ESPLAI SOCIAL declares its commitment to the establishment and development of policies that integrate Equality of treatment and opportunities between women and men, without discriminating directly or indirectly on the basis of sex, as well as to the promotion and promotion of measures to achieve real Equality in within our organization, establishing Equal opportunities between women and men as a strategic principle of our Corporate and Human Resources Policy, in accordance with the definition of said principle established by Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for effective equality between women and men.


In each and every one of the areas in which the activity of this association is carried out, from selection to promotion, through salary policy, training, working and employment conditions, occupational health, the organization of working time. work and conciliation, we assume the principle of Equal opportunities between women and men, paying special attention to indirect discrimination, understanding this as “the situation in which an apparently neutral provision, criterion or practice puts a person of one sex in particular disadvantage with respect to people of the other sex.”


Regarding communication, both internal and external, all decisions taken in this regard will be reported and an image of the association will be projected in accordance with this principle of Equal opportunities between women and men.


The stated principles will be put into practice through the promotion of Equality measures of the I Equality Plan implemented in the association in the areas of selection, conciliation, promotion, training, occupational health and non-sexist communication and language, which entails improvements regarding to the present situation, establishing the corresponding monitoring systems, with the aim of advancing in the achievement of real Equality between women and men in the association and by extension in society as a whole. 


Equality Plans are an ordered set of measures, adopted after carrying out a diagnosis of the situation, aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the association and eliminating discrimination based on sex.


For its definition, the participation of male and female workers has been counted on, not only in the negotiation process as established by Organic Law 3/2007 for Effective Equality between women and men, but in the entire development process. and evaluation of the aforementioned measures through the Equality Committee formed in the association.

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