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Labor Insertion

The objective of job placement is to facilitate people's transition to the labor market, providing them with employment opportunities and support so that they can integrate effectively and successfully into the world of work. Job placement seeks to improve the employability of people, especially those who are unemployed, underemployed or have difficulties accessing quality jobs.

Some of the specific objectives of our job placement program are:

  1. Facilitate access to information about employment opportunities: The aim is to provide people with relevant information about the labor market, hiring trends, required skills and available employment opportunities.

  2. Develop job skills and competencies: Job insertion involves providing training and skill development to improve people's employability. This may include vocational training programs, training courses and specialized workshops.

  3. Provide job search support: Personalized advice and guidance is provided to help people find employment. This may include resume writing, job interview preparation, job search techniques, and tips on how to present yourself effectively to employers.

  4. Promote equal opportunities: Labor insertion seeks to guarantee that all people, regardless of their origin, gender, disability or other personal characteristics, have equal access to employment opportunities and are treated fairly during the insertion process.

  5. Promote job sustainability: Job placement is not only about finding a job, but also about ensuring that people stay in it and progress in their careers. This involves ongoing follow-up and support after initial placement, providing development and promotion opportunities.

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